Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ultimos Talleres, Last workshops

These are the last workshops we have had in Quito Ecuador with the great program Arteducarte. One of the schools is a girls only school and the other one is co-ed.
Great experiences.

1st Project "Toctes" by Paula Barragan

Paula Barragan is a great collector of nick-knacks, she embarked upon a wonderful project of collecting seeds and seeing how they were constructed, from then she recreated a series of prints. The children in the second all girl school we facilitated the workshop at, were delighted to choose from different seeds to create their own collagraphy. Here are some of the prints

2nd Project: Sara Roitman, from the Museum in a Box projects "Suitcase" which invites children to think about their own travels here and there and the memories they carry within.